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Only ‘I Do’s’ in Roscommon for Sarah & Geraldine

Sarah “I love all love stories but I love ours the most”….and I would not blame her:) they have a great story. It is sarah amd geraldinea story that when you know you love someone, you know and they definitely knew:)

Sarah and Geraldine met on March 17th 2014 and are walking down the aisle on December 17th, 2015. We are not sure if these lovely ladies will be the first same sex wedding to take place in Ireland but we do think that they will be the first wedding to take place in Co Roscommon, which is very ironic seeing as Roscommon was the only ‘No’ majority county. Something Sarah defends straight away as the wedding was booked in the county before the referendum and a county that the couple have had nothing but great experiences with:)

So rewinding back to their story…..Sarah and Ger where both part of the group Running Amach and through mutual friends they met briefly, playing soccer and pool sometimes. Sarah admits she had being eyeing Ger at these gatherings and in her words ‘Ger was having none of it;)’ (although we doubt that;)) but it took a brazen move by Sarah at the groups Paddy’s Day dance to set in stone their future together.

Sarah very nervously made her brazen move…walked right up to Ger and saying ‘YOU, ME….YEAH’? little knowing at the time, that in a couple of weeks from now they will be meeting at the top of an aisle to be pronounced Wife and Wife:)

Well her bold move paid off and after a kiss, Sarah had secured her first date with Ger. We must say we also loved Sarah’s plan for their first date. Take Ger on the Dublin Ghost Bus Tour and scare the crap outta her so she would have to look for comfort…again another move that worked:) followed by a lovely dinner in a quirky little restaurant in Bachelors Walk. Ger was impressed and they hit it off straight away and quickly, Sarah from Sligo and Ger from Dublin where falling in love. They both knew what they wanted in life and they both wanted each other.

The next natural stage for these love birds was to get engaged:) At Christmas 2014, they both headed to Sligo and while there, a friend of theirs had gotten engaged. As girls do, they were admiring the gorgeous engagement ring and their friend told them where they got it. So on New Years Eve, the girls where walking past the jewellers and said they would go in for a laugh and have a look. Little did they know they where walking into the best salesman named Declan from Delphine Antiques in Power Court Shopping Centre in Ireland! and a little while later two rings had been purchased. But that was not going to be their story, they told Declan they would be back to pick them up at some stage, both leaving the shop wondering when;)

In March, a year after the girls had met, Sarah spotted the perfect opportunity, her mum’s 60th birthday party. From Sligo and living by the beach, Sarah always wanted the proposal to be in Sligo, but to drag Ger there for a weekend would be too obvious, but they were going for the party, so it was perfect:)

Family is massively important to both girls and having their family involved is extremely important to them. Sarah had lost her dad 6 years ago, so she really wanted to involve Ger’s dad and what better way then to take him for a pint and ask for his daughters hand in marriage. Ger’s dad was amazing, he was delighted and supported them both with all his heart:) Ger’s mum was just as delighted to give her permission, to see her daughter so happy, it was an easy answer:)

So now Sarah just had to pull off the proposal:)who better to help her then her family:) The day after the party it was on:) The family began setting the plan in motion. Sarah’s older brother was handed the job of distracting Ger, while Sarah’s older sister and best friend sneaked away and headed down to the beach and in stones they wrote the famous words… ‘YOU, ME, FOREVER…YEAH? leaving seaweed for Sarah as a cue that she was coming up to the stones. Now they just had to get Ger down to the beach! that was where Sarah’s younger sister and mum came in:) With Sarah’s mum kicking them out of the house to ‘get out from under her feet and go for a walk on the beach’. It was a real family affair and it worked:)

It did not all go according to plan;) As they walked the beach, Sarah spotted the seaweed and brought Ger up a sand dune to see the message and with her back to it, she got down on one knee! but the message was upside down!! Ger could not read it!! The girls did not realise Sarah was planning on going up the sand dune!! Sarah was all thrown off and down on one knee and for once she was speechless;) Ger pulled her up and went down on her knee and finished the proposal:) Sarah’s friend was lying on the ground hiding 10ft away and jumped up with a bottle of champagne to toast the hilarious, lovely and natural proposal of two amazing women.

Sarah had also surprised Ger by having Ger’s mum and sister come from Dublin to Sligo that day, so they were there to hear and celebrate the amazing news, but when Ger went to call her dad to tell him the great news, she was blown away…he had already knew and given his blessing over a pint:)

Now we don’t want to give too much away about the girls upcoming wedding day as they will share that with us after:) But we do know it is going to be a family affair, with two beautiful brides, at one amazing venue..Kilronan Castle.

We cannot wait to see the photo’s and hear all about the big day and we wish them both the very very best. We love your love story too Sarah…thank you both for sharing it with us:)