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Picking your perfect Wedding Ring

Picking your perfect Wedding Ring

When it comes to planning the perfect engagement or wedding, the ring is probably the one of the most important decisions you will make.  The rings you choose symbolises your love for one another and will be worn for the rest of your lives.  Shopping for these rings doesn’t have to be a dreaded experience. With the right amount of knowledge about what to look for in a ring, coupled with your excitement about asking the love of your life to marry you will get you through anything and help you make the perfect choice.

Here are some tips for you when thinking about the ring that best suits you both:


We will not talk about budgets as this is something you know yourself, but if your budget is really tight, why not consider buying something that is not too much of a stretch for you, and maybe saving up together after you get married and get some new rings down the line and move the original rings to your opposite hands.  It is about marrying the person of your dreams so don’t worry too much about the cost of rings.

Buy together:

Sometimes it is easier to make this decision together and there is nothing wrong with that.  It does not have to take away from your proposal, you can still do the romantic proposal you always dreamed of doing just minus the ring.  Then you can start the exciting journey of choosing your rings together.

They don’t have to match:

What if you like rose gold and your partner likes platinum?  You don’t have to get the exact same rings.  You could look at getting different versions of a type of ring.  Or maybe mix up the two colours in the rings to compromise, or get two completely different rings.  It is completely up to yourselves it is better for your both to be happy with your choices.

Think of the maintenance and hidden expense:

Think of the cleaning that has to go into some rings.  Speak to your jeweler about this and consider what you think is too much work when choosing yours.  Also when you have a budget think about the insurance cost yearly for the rings you choose.

Your lifestyle:

Think about what you do daily when choosing your rings.  Think of your profession, if you play sport or music.  This should impact the type of rings you buy as you will be wearing them everyday.

We hope those little tips help you choose your perfect rings.  To also give you some ideas we had a little nose at some LGBT rings that might tickle your fancy:)You will find all these rings on


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